Our Missions Philosophy

The church is a missionary organization.  The principle task of the church is to communicate the gospel to lost men (Mt. 28:19-20).   “The presentation, interpretation, and the intelligible and persuasive communication of the good news, with the fixed intent of leading men to a knowledge of Christ as the only Savior and a resolute commitment to Him as Lord, remain forever the church’s supreme and primary task.”  (Geo. W. Peters – “A Biblical Theology of Missions”)  This purpose is chartered in the Great Commission.

Lifegate Baptist is in a joyful partnership with our missionary families as we provide financial, emotional, and prayer support.  Our missions’ objectives in this partnership are as follows:

1) Evangelization – the primary work of missions.

2) Establishment of local churches – the primary objective of missions.

3) Education – the essential task of missions.

4) “Evacuation” – the critical part of missions.  The New Testament missionary stays long enough to establish the church and the people, educate native men to pastor and lead, and then moves on to start a new work.

Our Missionary Family

Jeff & Carla Bassett – Ivory Coast/Uganda

Tim & RoseAnne Bower – Haiti

Dave & Glenda Carter – Japan

Dr. & Mrs. P. D. Cherian – India

Bruce & Susan Claypool – Alaska

Craig & Le Anne Comstock – New Zealand

Jon & Isobel Dygert – Scotland

George & Vera Dapaah – Ghana

Bernie & Helen Hong – Austrailia

Nathan & Becky Kowach – South Korea

Steve & Debbie Kehoe – Youth Detention

Troy & Suzannah Lewis – Belize

Sean & Stephanie Lunday – Brazil

David & Betsy McCrorie – Ontario, Canada

Jorge & Anne Noriega – Spanish Church Planting

Mark & Aura Pereira – Portugal

Daniel & Sharon Pero – Ireland

Peter & Elizabeth Putney – Columbia

Mike & Lisa Redick – South East Asia

Kyle & Hannah Shreve – Peru

Chuck & Susan Sligh – Germany

Tom & Cathy Talley – Northern Canada Native Peoples

Bob & Susan Tevault – Philippines

Jim & Myra Wright – Furlough Replacement

Five missionary families in limited access countries